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Iacullo's Self Defense Studios

Boynton Beach, FL

Lake Worth, FL

Greenacres, FL

Wellington, FL



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Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and Kung Fu 



"Great instruction and discipline. My daughter has became so focused with the martial arts and is learning to gain confidence in herself."  - Tracy F







"We are not a sport, we only use  martial arts for self defense."

- Master Iacullo


Monday - 7pm - Greenacres

Wednesday - 6 pm - Lake Worth

Saturday - 10 am - Wellington 


Privates are avaiable around the students schedule. We take pride in private lessons having students learn 7x as fast. 

A family system passed down from 400 years and to be taught to those who seek it.

The code: Respect for you and your family,, Belief in Yourself, only using Karate/Jiu Jitsu for self defense.

  •  One on One instruction
  • Work with a Black Belt instructor
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Learn 7x Faster than classes
  • A Nurturing Atmosphere
  • Traditional Self Defense - 300 years old
  • Fitness Instruction
  • Focus, Discipline, and Respect


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Self Defense Seminars

Local Seminars are 3 hours in the SouthEastern Florida Region

Self  Defense Seminars though  Iacullo's Schools of Self Defense are 3 hour programs to teach street defense to save your life or to protect one's body. After you take the Self Defense  Seminar, you will be able to  be more confident on being alone, or to handle violent behavior. In this day, there is more domestic violence, bullying, crime  such as rape and muggings than before.

The First Step is empowerment to gain confidence.

Self Defense Programs

Iacullo's martial art studios are located at convenient locations in SouthEast Florida

  • West Palm Beach Location
  • Studio
  • Lake Worth Location
  • Studio

Iacullo Studios of Self Defense and Martial Arts philosophy is to  teach in a one on one setting. We flex our schedule around your schedule. This one on one approach allow s students to learn 17x  faster in a comfortable nurturing center.

We are based in  Boynton Beach Florida and do one on one training with students. Our students learn 17 times faster than classes and it is more comfortable for the student!

You not only get 1 private lesson with a black belt but also free classes with it.

First Class is Free!


Call 561-859-9993 for more information or to sign up for the seminars or martial art programs.